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The Many Islands of Hawai'i

A few years ago on a whim (yes, a whim), I decided that I wanted to spend my 40th Birthday in Maui. And as long as hubby didn't have to plan it, he was all for it. With less than 2 months to plan, we decided to leave Canada and head to the beautiful islands of Hawai'i. I must confess, I only made it to 2 of the 6 - The Big Island and Maui. All the photos here are from that trip.

Hawai'i has been a bucket list destination for a while, but for some reason, even this girl didn't think it would be so possible, but I put my nose to the sand and started planning away. After all, this is what I do. Hawai'i did not disappoint! And I cannot wait to go back.

Hawai'ian Islands are a group of many islands, atolls, and islet. There is something for everyone with its diverse experiences; from relaxing spas and laid back locations, to very active physical activities. Each of the islands has its own unique landscape, flavour, and personality. Hawai'i has 6 very distinct islands that visitors can enjoy.


The Garden Isle is a tropical island paradise. It is the backdrop of movies like Jurassic Park and Jumanji. It has cascading waterfalls and rugged mountains. The coastal area has a relaxed pace for some R&R. Perfect as a romantic getaway. But you can also be very active, and go ziplining, kayaking, or take a tour on an ATV, or helicopter ride.


The Gathering Place is just like its nickname. It is the vibrant, mid pacific hub. Waikiki and Honolulu are located on this island creating an urban experience. You can catch the sights of Peral Harbour and Diamon Head. Go surfing, or take a hike on bamboo fields. The island has approximately 1 million residents, making it the busiest of all islands.


The Valley Isle has a sophisticated but homey appeal. Many great beachfront hotels along beautiful leisures drives, including the famous Road to Hana Drive along the north to the east coast of the island. You can snorkel, or attend some of the most beautiful luaus. One of the most impressive sights is catching the sunrise in Haleakala Mountain, House of Sun.


The Big Island, as its nickname suggests, is the largest of the Hawaiian islands. Mauna Kea, measured from the seafloor base to its peak, is the tallest mountains in the world - yes, even taller than Mount Everest as its base is above sea level. The Big Island is also home to Kīlauea, the most active volcano of the world, erupting as recent as 2018 (the same year we visited), adding new land to the island every year. Although some areas were still closed during the visit, we were able to tour around the Volcano National Park and see how previous eruptions have changed the landscape and size of the island.

Lanai'i and Moloka'i

The Pineapple Island and The Friendly Isle are the two smallest of the developed islands. Lana’i is a haven for hikers, horseback riders, and 4-wheel tours with an upscale and tranquil resort experience. Only a small number of visitors descend on Moloka'i to visit Halawa Valley and witness the impressive double-tiered 250-foot Mooula Falls.

Let us help you find the island for you! You definitely need to visit Hawai'i.

Have you been to the Hawai'ian islands? Which one? Which island appeals to you? Comment below, or send us a quick email at

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