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Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips spain italy travel agents oakville


Our Process


Our White Glove Service -
The Process of Handcrafted Itinerary Planning

Your perfect getaway is unique to you, and we will work with you to make that happen. 

Since no two travel experiences are the same, expect an itinerary tailored made just for you and your unique travel style.


We are a boutique travel agency that focuses on a small number of clients at one time to assure we are giving you our personalized attention. 


Our White Glove Services include 

Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips italy travel agents oakville

— 1 —

Consultation & Research

  • In‐depth consultation to set the tone of your travel and determine the right vacation match for you.

  • Collect information through a series of questions and scenarios that will assist us determine your interests, comfort level, travel style.

  • Complete research of destination, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, etc., to meet your needs and wants for your ideal vacation.

  • Present up to two (2) customized itineraries that meet your needs which may include flight, accommodations, and tour options.

  • Itineraries will be presented via a weblink with photographs of locations, and easy-to-follow day-to-day options.

  • Provide competitive price quotes from trusted travel partners.

  • Provide information regarding visa, entry/exit requirements, quarantine protocols, and necessary testing required.

  • Assess the right travel insurance policy to protect you, and your investment.

— 2 —

Booking Services

  • Finalize trip itinerary for the perfect balance of relaxation and activity you desire.

  • Complete booking of all necessary travel components as needed with trusted travel suppliers. These can be:

    • flights, checked baggage and seat selection

    • hotel/resort, land tour packages, cruise packages

    • Pre- and post- cruise transportation, accommodations and tour options

    • airport/hotel transfers, rail, auto rental,

    • shore excursions, skip-the-line event tickets, theatre or sporting event tickets

  • Maintain fee schedules with payment date requirements. 

  • Real-time monitoring of flights

  • Coordinate and organize all your daytime and evening activities including restaurant, theatre and entertainment, museums and galleries so you have everything you need before you leave so you don't miss out or wait in line.


Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips italy travel agents oakville
Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips italy travel agents oakville

— 3 —

While You Pack Your Bags

  • Prepare a comprehensive digital day-to-day itinerary.  With an exclusive App, you will have access to every detail and document during your travel. Scroll to days ahead, or just follow along for your daily activities.

  • Provide digital copies (and paper copies if preferred) of documents to take with you or leave with your loved ones at home.

  • Provide a Destination Guide with destination-specific information and travel tips such as currency, electricity requirements, ATMs, transportation, etc.  

  • Provide Destination Suggestions with Must-Dos, See, Eat, Drink, and even souvenirs to shop for.

  • Complete pre-departure document preparations and final checks.

  • Provide pre-departure support. We are here to answer your questions.

— 4 —

After Travel

After you return home, we will follow up with you to make sure everything went smoothly.  And yes, some things can go wrong, and we also like hearing when it happens.  If we don’t know, we can’t improve on it.  And of course, we love seeing your photos. 

Nothing says success like happy faces in front of a beautiful background.  If you love what we did, we would love your referral to friends and family.  We love what we do, and we hope you love what we do too!!  

Custom italy spain travel agent in cambridge oakville burlington


Take this fun short 10 - question quiz and find which 3 European cities suit your personality.​

Get your results immediately!  

Learn about these cities, why they are best suited for your travel style, and get inspired by beautiful photos. 

Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips italy travel agents oakville cambridge
What We Book?

What We Book?

Transportation - Air, Ground, Rail

Whether you choose to fly or take a train, we will make sure to get you there.  We will arrange your air flights or your train tickets between cities to fit your schedule, travel style, and needs.  We will find the best flights to avoid or minimize undesirable connection times when possible.  We want to get you to your destinations in the quickest and most comfortable route. We will also arrange for ground transportation between the airport or train station to your hotel.  We want to make sure that after a long day of travel, you are met by someone waiting to take you to your hotel so you don’t have to worry about finding a taxi in a new city you have never been.

Accommodations – Hotels, Resorts, Villas And More

Although most clients don’t think too much of their accommodations, it is the place where you go at the end of the night to relax from your day of exploring and discovering. We will find accommodations that suit you best, but also give you a great night sleep after a busy day.  We can look after finding you a boutique hotel, a spot right in the middle of the city, a private villa overlooking the ocean, or a beach resort.  We will find the best spot for you and your family.

Private & Group Guided Tours / Day Excursions / Unique Experiences

The best way to learn about a destination is to immerse yourself in the destination.  The best way to do this is by being led by a local guide that offers unforgettable experiences and knows that destination like the back of their hand.  Based on your interest and travel style, we can assist you in choosing the best experience for you.  

If you are a seasoned traveler, you may be happy with a day tour to a museum, a local winery, or a farm to table dinner.  If you are a little less experienced, you may want to have someone guide you the entire trip - whether that is with a group or as a private guide.  Do you like meeting new people?  Or do you prefer to have an intimate journey?  We want you to experience your destination, and so we will make sure to match your experience with your interests.

Cruises - Ocean, River And Pre/Post Land Packages

Ocean cruises take to countries. River cruises take you through them. Small ships and yachts take you to places in between.  And we will make sure to choose the perfect ways to experience them.  Each sailing vessels have their unique amenities, inclusions, and experiences.  Knowing your travel styles, interests, and wants for your trip, we will recommend options to best suit your needs.    We can also take care of any pre-, and post-cruise travel.  Whether it is a hotel stay before your cruise, a private transfer from your hotel to port, or additional excursions at your port of call or even a nearby destination.  We will take care of your travel from beginning to end.   

Travel Protection

Because life happens - we want to make sure you are protected.  We plan vacations with the intention of a smooth journey from the planning stage, all the way to coming returning home, but things can happen: before and during travel with your travel companion, or someone back home.  Let us help you find the best plan that suits your needs and provides the protection you need.  

Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips italy travel agents oakville

What Does It Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to have a chat, except your time.  As no two travel experiences are the same, neither are our fees.  After our initial consultation and understanding your needs, we can asses how we can assist you and before proceeding with the planning process, we will provide you our professional fee based on the service required.

It all starts with a simple complimentary consultation.

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