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Spain – Dietrich Getaways

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

Spain is the sunniest destination in Europe, and has great weather throughout the year.  The best times to visit Spain is typically in the Spring (March to May), or the Fall (September to November).  At these times, the weather is still warm, the sun is still out, but there is lesser crowds and hotels are not as highly-priced.  And in the summer shoulder months, you may still be able to hit the beach as well.   


Key Experiences

  • 5,000 miles of coastline - there’s something for everyone

  • Wander the small coastal towns along the Costa del Sol

  • Wander Las Ramblas and La Bouqueria in Barcelona

  • Explore the Palace of Real Alcázar in Seville​

Things To Do

  • La Sagrada Familia

  • Picasso museum in Barcelona

  • Visit Park Güell

  • Have dinner while people watch at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

  • Watch a Flamenco show


Regional Culinary Delights

  • Paella - there is a variety of dishes

  • Sangria - each region, city, or even neighbourhoods make theirs unique

  • Tapas

  • Cheeses and Cured meats

  • Seafood

Off The Beaten Path

I love sending clients to Jerez to experience the phenomenon that is Sherry, found in the “Sherry Triangle”.  Experience the process of taking the grape from the vine to Sherry. It is very different than that of wine.  With your personal driver, hear about the process, see how it happens and of course taste the Sherry.


Spanish 101:

Hello: Hola (oh-la) 

Please: Por Favor (por-fah-vohr) 

Thank you: Gracias (grah-se-ahs) 

Excuse me: Perdon (pair-DON) 

Yes: Si (se) No: No (no) 


Local Currency:


Wine – Dietrich Getaways


Leaning Tower of Pisa – Dietrich Getaways

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

There is really no bad time to visit Italy; however, the weather is best between May and October when it’s warm and many activities are in full gear.  The shoulder months do have fewer crowds, but be mindful of some of the activities you want to do as there are seasonal excursions.   

Key Experiences

  • Iconic Colosseum in Rome

  • Get acquainted with Michelangelo’s David

  • Visit Iconic Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre

  • St. Mark’s Basilica & Square

  • Explore the ruins in Pompeii

Things To Do

  • Go up Tower of Pisa

  • Drink Limoncello in Sorrento

  • Take a Gondola ride

  • Boat trip to Capri - see the Blue Grottos and Olive Trees


Regional Culinary Delights

  • There is nothing like having an espresso and a scoop of gelato.

  • Try the pizza - after all, it is the birth place!!  But don’t be surprised if it’s plain.  That’s how it’s meant to be.

  • Drink Limoncello in the Coastal town of Sorrento

  • Take a tour of Sienna overlooking the Chianti countryside and visit the local vineyards

  • Take a cooking class from Nonna and learn the art of making pasta at her home. 

Off The Beaten Path

Head out to the Island of Murano and see how Murano glass is done.  Don’t be surprised when you fall in love with its colourfulness, uniqueness, and weight of it.   You will be taking home a souvenir for sure.   Or stay within the 13th-century old walls of San Gimignano, with its medieval architecture, and tower houses - one of the most recognizable destinations in Tuscany.

Italian 101:

Hello - Ciao 

Thank you - Grazie 

Please - Per Favore 

Excuse me - Scusa 

Yes - Si 

No - No


Local Currency:


Pizza Italy – Dietrich Getaways


#8 Small Irish villages shouldn_t be mis

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

There are no promises when it comes to the Irish weather.  The best times to visit Ireland are Aril to June, and then September to October as the weather is mild and comfortable.  The summer months bring longer days, but also more crowds.  The winter months tend to be cool, rainy and windy.   

Key Experiences

  • Cliffs of Moher

  • Killarney National Park

  • Ring of Kerry

  • Book of Kells and Trinity College

Things To Do

  • Kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

  • Take a trip to the Dingle Peninsula

  • Experience the Gaelic roots with traditional instruments, Irish dance and folk songs.

  • Attend a knitting workshop in Aran Island

Regional Culinary Delights

  • Eat and drink your way through Dublin

  • Sip on an Irish Coffee, Whiskey or local craft beer.

  • Try a traditional Irish stew.

  • Colcannon - Irish’s mashed potato

Off The Beaten Path

How about staying in an ancient castle.  Or explore some of the sights made famous by the show Game of Thrones - the mighty Giant’s Causeway.  

Irish Slang 101:

Hello - Howya 

Good time - Craic 

Restroom - The jacks 

Absolutely brilliant - Hatchet 

Complaining - Olagonin'

Raining heavily: lashing 

Kissing: Shifting


Local Currency:


Horses in Ireland – Dietrich Getaways


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