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  • How do we get started working with you?
    It is a very simple process and it all starts with our initial consultation where we get to discuss your needs, interests, travel styles, etc. For a detailed description of our planning process, please visit <insert link> to Planning Page
  • Do you work with groups?
    Absolutely!! Nothing brings me more than joy than helping a group of people that enjoy something in common and want to travel and experience a destination together. We LOVE groups.
  • What kinds of services do you book?
    If it relates to travel, we can assist you. For a detail list of our services, please refer to our Services page <add link>
  • I don’t know where to go, how can you help?
    Believe or not, we really love working with those that don’t know where to go!!! We find it so rewarding to be able to pinpoint the perfect spot by asking a serious of questions and coming up with scenarios to find the travel experience best suited for you. Recently, we had a client that didn’t know where she wanted to go. At first, she thought she wanted to go to Disney because it seemed like it would be neat, but really didn’t know why. After some discussions and understanding her likes and dislikes, she realized that the one place she really wanted to go was Ireland. Imagine, from Disney to Ireland. From a “neat” place to a bucket-list destination checked off.
  • I am a retired/semi-retired person and I’ve never been to Europe, where do I start?
    We start at the beginning - the initial consultation. Yes, European countries are small compared to Canada, and travel between countries is fairly simple, but it does take time. Through our initial consultation, we will determine if one country appeals to you more than others. Finding the right fit is the start of this journey, and that is the hardest decision you will have to make. The rest of the planning is taken care of by us. Give us a call to schedule your consultation, and don’t worry about the details. Let’s chat and work through it together.
  • Do you only book Europe?
    No. Absolutely not. My specialty is European travel and I absolutely love when clients want something a little more than just a beach destination and want to start traveling to Europe and just don’t know where to start. But I completely understand the need to just sit on a lovely warm beach and relax with the sound of the waves, and a cocktail in hand. I have visited many sunny destinations, including Mexico, Aruba, Antigua, Jamaica, Hawaii to name a few. I can certainly help you with some fun in the sun, whether as solo traveler, adults-only, and family-friendly locations.
  • Do you book air only?
    I do not typically book airline tickets only. I book air when combined with other services such as guided tours, cruises, custom personalized itineraries.
  • Do you work for corporate accounts?
    Although, it is not my specialty, we would be happy to discuss how our services can benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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