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Is it okay to start planning a 2022 vacation?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! It has already started.

Just last week, I prepared 3 proposals, booked 2 trips, and have received a handful of inquiries.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems closer than it has in the last 15 months.

Are countries allowing visitors again?

Some are - they are itching for us to come to visit.

Some Caribbean countries have been welcoming visitors the entire time with little restrictions.

The European Union has recently announced that they will ease up on border restrictions and they have agreed to allow fully vaccinated tourists to come in without quarantine from a selected list of countries. Canada has not made the list, but with our trending numbers, this will likely change in the near future.

Will I need to be vaccinated?

Yes and No.

A lot of countries do seem to be leaning towards a vaccine passport, and the only way for you to enter and avoid quarantine upon entry.

Some countries only want to see pre-travel negative covid tests.

Some countries require a vaccine passport or mandatory quarantine.

Currently, Canada is one of the countries that require 14-day quarantine regardless of vaccines, but with the recent report published this past Friday, it seems as the recommendations may favour fully vaccinated individuals over quarantines.

What's the best time to start planning for 2022?


It may seem like a far way out, but remember that there are a lot of people that are itching to travel. Trends show there will be a significant demand when the borders open and the travel restrictions loosen. As the US has loosen all restrictions, we've seen the travel trend is high, even though they have not been as restricted as Canadians.

I have a feeling that once the "blow the horn", we are all going to be rushing out of here in droves.

Are there deals right now?

Yes and No.

Right now, some Tour Operators are having great sales to incentivize sales for Caribbean vacations in the 2021/2022 winter months, and small group escorted tours in Europe for Fall of 2021 to Summer of 2022.

Some suppliers don't need to because the demand for their product is insane, and a lot of cancelled trips have already been booked. In early February 2021, Silversea's 180-day world cruise for 2023 sold out in ONE DAY!!! And these were not cheap, starting at $41,600US per person.

If you are looking for a customized trip that you can't find a brochure, you may want to consider looking at starting now. With so many re-scheduled vacations, private and small group travel are being re-booked.

Is travel going to be the same as before?

Nope. It will be a while before the normal we were used to is back, but the future is very promising. Crowds might be less. Tourist locations may be more cautious of crowds. Travellers will be more cautious of the impact on the planet. A lot more experience and adventure-based travel. People miss seeing and experiencing the beautiful world and its local culture.

What about cruises?

As Celebrity Cruises just announced - "Someday is Here" The CDC set out a set of guidelines as thick as a 3" binder. The cruise lines have been working tirelessly the last 15 months to go through it all and address each point. Celebrity Cruises have met the CDC's guidelines and are sailing at the end of June. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines are close to getting there as well. Some of these cruise lines have already been sailing in Europe for months with great success. AmaWaterways have been sailing the Rhine river since last summer and will resume to sail on all rivers this Summer.

One of the biggest changes - only fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed on board. This has not sat well with some, especially families with young kids that are not eligible to be vaccinated, but the cruise lines have to start somewhere to get to normal operations soon.

So whether you are looking to finally take that vacation that was cancelled in 2020, or have a reunion vacation with family or friends, or want to take that bucket list vacation that you have been putting off for a while, or maybe take that KID-FREE holiday because they've been home for so long, I am here to help you make those memories happen.

What's the first place you will go to when they "blow the horn"?


This is one trip you may want to consider starting with!!! One of my favourite custom-trip suppliers have put together this incredible package. Experience the Christmas Markets of Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

If you want to receive a day-to-day itinerary and all that is included, email me at or fill the following form HERE

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