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Things to do, eat, drink, photograph while in Croatia

Croatia custom travel luxury yacht cruising

Croatia is a former Yugoslav republic located on the Adriatic Sea. It is about as large as Nova Scotia. Part of Croatia is a barren, rocky region lying in the Dinaric Alps. The Zagorje region north of the capital, Zagreb, is a land of rolling hills, and the fertile agricultural region of the Pannonian Plain is bordered by the Drava, Danube, and Sava Rivers in the east. Over one-third of Croatia is forested.

Because of its geographic location, Croatia has been influenced by its neighbours over the years. Its cultural heritage is a wonderful mixture of Mediterranean and Eastern traditions, as well as those of Central Europe and the Balkans. Its cuisine offers a lot of seafood that is a testament to the region's Mediterranean heritage. Restaurants serve fried, grilled, or stuffed squid, which occupies coastlines and even inhabits islands. You can enjoy the Sarma, a kind of stuffed cabbage with Austro-Hungarian influences, in the north of Croatia. Cevapcici, meatballs with onions, or pitas are also on the menu, dishes inspired by Ottoman cuisine. Dessert lovers will enjoy the Bajadera, a delicious pastry with hazelnuts and almonds. Croatian gastronomy is a testament to the country's rich cultural diversity. But religion also seems to play an important role in the lives of the people. Various festivals and events show the Croats' devotion to their traditions throughout the year.

Here is a list of some of the best things to do while in Croatia.

Perfect Family Highlights to Visit

Croatia national park beaches krka waterfall
National Park
  • See the Split Aquarium

  • Enjoy at Istralandia Water Park

  • Take a ferry ride around islands

  • Go hunting for truffles in Istria

  • Zipline in Omis

  • Visit the Famous Blue cave

  • Swim underneath Krka Waterfall National Park

  • Experience dinner in the sky

  • Canyoning by the Cetina River

Foods to Try

croatia foods to try luxury travel custom trips
Pag Cheese
  • Lamb on the spit

  • Punjena paprika

  • Octopus salad

  • Cevapi (grilled Serbian sausage)

  • Pasticada (braised beef)

  • Pršut & Pag Cheese

  • Crni rižot (Black risotto)

  • Čobanac (slow-cooked beef stew)

  • Brudet (seafood stew)


Zagorski Štrukli (Dough baked or boiled filled with eggs, cottage cheese and sour cream)

  • Peka (mix of meat, potatoes, and vegetables cooked together in a clay or iron pan)

Photography Hot Spots

Croatia scenery lakes waterfalls
Plitvice lakes
  • Plitvice lakes

  • Krka National Park

  • Jasenovac Memorial Site

  • Vrbnik bay

  • Old Dinaric fortress

  • Dubrovnik

  • Trakošćan Castle

  • Diocletian’s Palace, Split

  • Roman ruins in Pula

coastline Dubrovnik photography custom trips

Souvenirs to Buy

  • Samobor Crystal

  • Sestine umbrella

  • Croatian Lace

  • Wooden toys

  • Ceramic Vucedol dove

  • Licitar heart

  • Slavonian Sokadian jacket

  • Olive oil

  • Croatian cheese

  • Kazun

  • Zovnica

What is the best way to enjoy Croatia? Although you can certainly enjoy it by car, allowing you to stop wherever you want and venture off the beaten path, the best way is by cruise, or better yet a private yacht, along the coastline and myriad islands.

Have you ever considered Croatia? It's never too early to start planning.

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