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We create your personalized European
vacation plans so you don't have to.

We know travel planning is overwhelming.
We are here to help.

Choosing the right location, booking reliable transportation, arranging the perfect hotel location, coordinating those must-do excursions, and keeping everything organized is overwhelming and stressful. 


This can easily go sideways causing your getaway to be full of regrets, missed opportunities, late entrances,

long line ups, missed connections, and unfortunate accommodations.


Travel planning shouldn't be stressful.


When we plan your personalized getaway, you will feel supported, in control, and relaxed knowing

we will look after your needs and wants so that you can fully enjoy your travel experience.   


You sit back and relax, while we put together the getaway you are looking for and will remember for years to come.

3 - Easy Steps To A Dream Getaway

- 1 -

Call, email, or simply fill out our Design My Trip form to get started.

We are based in Cambridge, Ontario, but our clients are located all over Ontario - from Windsor to Oakville, Ottawa to Timmins.  

- 2 -


We dive deep into what you are looking for, and how we can help make it happen!

  • Do you want a wine tasting in Tuscany?   

  • Want a villa in the south of Spain?   

  • Want to explore the Outlander Series locations in Scotland? 

We are your travel whisperer!  You tell us your vision, and we will work to make it a reality.

- 3 -


We do all the research and planning, and present you a beautifully custom-made travel proposal.

As your experienced Travel Agent, we will find the right travel adventure for you!

We contact suppliers, on-site staff, prepare your documents, and support your travels 24/7.

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Here are some of our favourite destinations - the best time to visit, places to see, food to try and a quick language lesson.

First time in Italy?

Looking for that bucket list trip to France?

Want to enjoy the beaches in Spain?

Learn about all these destinations and more.

Amsterdam canal personalized river cruise in Europe

Want to visit Europe but not sure exactly where to start?


Take this fun short 10 - question quiz and find which 3 European cities suit your personality.

Get your results immediately!  Learn about these cities, why they are best suited for your travel style, and get inspired by some beautiful photos. 


Be inspired!  Learn about new destinations!
Get some travel tips, destination recommendations.  What are the must see locations in Italy, Spain or Greece?  What should I eat or drink in France?  Learn about fun facts about Amsterdam Canals or the city of Basel.  


We are your Cambridge boutique travel agency specializing in European travel.

We were once like you - overwhelmed and stressed by the ridiculous amount of information online and travel books. 


After travelling for the last 20 years, and visiting 25 countries, we know travel planning is not easy, but we love doing it. As your European travel agent, we are here to help.

Ontario Travel Agents for Italy Trips

See what our clients say about working with us.

One of the best compliments we can receive is getting a rave review while still on holidays.  Many of my clients take the time during their vacation to tell me how much they are enjoying themselves!!

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